Graphic Design Work and Copywriting

Producer: Jason Woods

The obstacle: How to help find a larger community audience for a show no one had heard of, that was an original script, and was being performed at a local church.

My strategy was to convey the magic and whimsical nature of the piece and create a sense of delight that would carry folks into the theatre.

I wrote the description: “A tale of magic, poetry, and cake, this rollicking adventure for the whole family reminds us that gallant knights, fair maidens, and fearsome dragons may not be what they seem, and we all might be a little braver than we ever imagined.” and then set about working on how to get the word out to the regular theatre patrons who may not be familiar with the church’s productions.

I came up with the idea of creating a set of virtual gaming cards that could be shared on social media and with the goal of having them pop up randomly on people’s newsfeed at different times during rollout week. After people saw a few of them, they started looking for more. Besides the card set, I built a website for the event, created a poster and a number of other visual assets, wrote the press release and contacted media outlets and arranged interviews.

The production ended up selling out and broke records for attendance including outselling the previous years’ production of The Wizard of Oz, a much better-known crowd favorite.

Extra note: The virtual cards where such a hit, folks chipped in and actual card decks were printed as a gift for each cast member.