Photography and Graphic Design Work
Production: MACBETH

Theatre: ABET

I knew the production was going to be done in a stylized WWII-era setting and that ABET’s stage meant it would be an intimate telling of the story. Using the line from the script “Let not light see my black and deep desires” as inspiration, I did the photo shoot (my first work as a photographer)  working with the actors to capture a moment that revealed to the audience the seductiveness of evil.

The day we revealed the image on facebook for the first time we hit the highest audience engagement for a production rollout to date: 154 likes, 15 shares, and an active comment thread. More importantly, tickets sales bumped significantly and ultimately opening weekend sold out as did 4 of the remaining 6 performances. All of that on a Shakespearean piece that ABET had initially budgeted as a possible loss due to past sales of similar shows.